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Monday, 8 February 2010

2D WalkAbout, Tests & Research

For this Terms Project, I have to create 2 Movies. First being a Profile walk, Exploring how to create a Walk Cycle, exploring how different people walk. Secondly a Perspective Walk, when the character had to come towards the camera or away to experiment with perspective and to add character to the walk.
Firstly I researched how to start and what was the first steps in creating a Profile Walk. Richard Williams and Preston Blair gave me a great insight in how to create my first walk.  Richard Williams survial guide to animation is the first thing most animators go to for reference, it was a great help to look at the 5 keyframes that make up a walk cycle. From there I was then able to start experimenting. Preston Blair's book offered similar advice. However I liked his style and how he used the changing of weight and stretching limbs to ad character to the walk.
Below is my first Walk cycle test, For this test I was looking at Spacing and Timing:

After looking at this i wanted to give the walk more character, maybe try add some shoulder and waist movement:

Well this test went wrong. The walk didn't go to plan, the character looked like he had something wrong with his shoulder. So i went back to testing and trying out how to give that movement in the chest and shoulders.

This test I was please with. I tried giving more character to the walk. Also feet never land straight, they naturally go at an angle when you walk. Finally i tried to exaggerate the arms and swing the chest and shoulders to give a more powerful cycle. Even Broke some joints to try to see how it looked.

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