Who Shall i Model Next

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Life Drawing

Below are Quick 30 Second Sketches trying to capture the whole figure as well as the pose showing where the weight is and try capture the gesture.

Next are 3 Minute images. During this term the idea was really to work on proportions and form of the model.

Below are 5 minute Poses. Still trying to find a good way of measuring the correct angles and proportions.

Here are some more 3 Minute Drawings but this time I used my weaker hand to see what the outcome was. I feel that my drawings have more life to them. As I most likely don't judge myself as much as I do when using my normal drawing hand.

Below are some 10 Minute drawings. This is when I took more time making sure I got the right angles, Proportions and start looking into more detail or the model.

Finally Here are 25 Minute Drawings. Now looking at Tone, the main idea was trying not to have a outline which makes the image very flat so the outline had to be either the same as the background or part of the shading or highlighted area. This gives the drawing more sense of depth and brings out the shadow or highlights.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

More Reference Videos

Below are 2 more reference videos I filmed for my final animation: this again would help me with spacing and timing and key poses.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Below are my Reference Videos I plan to use when animating my final scenes. This will help me with keyframes, spacing and timing:

For my Second Draft I worked with the same idea of keep the base control with the character but was difficult to stop the sliding that was caused by this. However on a good note I worked out better spacing as he comes up to the steps. 

3D Walk Cycle

For This Next Part of this project I need to animate in 3D a Walk Cycle where the character has to show character and interact with their environment.
My First attempt I had problems with the main control of the character as I couldn't decide to animate that and try to not give the sliding as the character walks. So to improve from this I will try find a better way to set my keyframes and to prevent this. Also I want to change the steps so he takes smaller steps as he reaches the object.

Life Drawing

To the Right are 2 min drawings. Below are 3 min drawings. However the idea was to do a 30 second pose (Red) using squares to highlight the shoulders and hips. Then going over it with more form using pencil.

Life Drawing

Here are Life Drawings. First drawings were drawings using only Cube and cylinders. This was to experiment and to try a different way in capturing depth and perspective, which will give the drawing more 3D look not a flat 2D image.

We Tried to use just circles which would also help us to identify where muscle were, where T joints were when the circles overlap.

Also I have the quick Sketches i drew when out in london. I used as simple form as i could as no one would pose for me...