Who Shall i Model Next

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Life Drawing

Below are Quick 30 Second Sketches trying to capture the whole figure as well as the pose showing where the weight is and try capture the gesture.

Next are 3 Minute images. During this term the idea was really to work on proportions and form of the model.

Below are 5 minute Poses. Still trying to find a good way of measuring the correct angles and proportions.

Here are some more 3 Minute Drawings but this time I used my weaker hand to see what the outcome was. I feel that my drawings have more life to them. As I most likely don't judge myself as much as I do when using my normal drawing hand.

Below are some 10 Minute drawings. This is when I took more time making sure I got the right angles, Proportions and start looking into more detail or the model.

Finally Here are 25 Minute Drawings. Now looking at Tone, the main idea was trying not to have a outline which makes the image very flat so the outline had to be either the same as the background or part of the shading or highlighted area. This gives the drawing more sense of depth and brings out the shadow or highlights.