Who Shall i Model Next

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Below are my Reference Videos I plan to use when animating my final scenes. This will help me with keyframes, spacing and timing:

For my Second Draft I worked with the same idea of keep the base control with the character but was difficult to stop the sliding that was caused by this. However on a good note I worked out better spacing as he comes up to the steps. 

3D Walk Cycle

For This Next Part of this project I need to animate in 3D a Walk Cycle where the character has to show character and interact with their environment.
My First attempt I had problems with the main control of the character as I couldn't decide to animate that and try to not give the sliding as the character walks. So to improve from this I will try find a better way to set my keyframes and to prevent this. Also I want to change the steps so he takes smaller steps as he reaches the object.

Life Drawing

To the Right are 2 min drawings. Below are 3 min drawings. However the idea was to do a 30 second pose (Red) using squares to highlight the shoulders and hips. Then going over it with more form using pencil.

Life Drawing

Here are Life Drawings. First drawings were drawings using only Cube and cylinders. This was to experiment and to try a different way in capturing depth and perspective, which will give the drawing more 3D look not a flat 2D image.

We Tried to use just circles which would also help us to identify where muscle were, where T joints were when the circles overlap.

Also I have the quick Sketches i drew when out in london. I used as simple form as i could as no one would pose for me...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

2D WalkAbout Perspective Research & Test

For the Second movie I looked at how to make the character come towards the camera. Firstly I thought of my concept and then I recorded my self just acting out the scene in different ways and just to look at perspective positions and key poses.

From this I was able to create my first test, looking at key poses and positions. Also started to look at how to add character to my animation.

my second test I tried using circles and squares to try and create more dynamic walk:

From this I was able to look at proportions of the character and see how his shoulders and waist move. using cylinders really helped me create perspective in my walk when he came towards the camera.

Monday, 8 February 2010

2D WalkAbout, Tests & Research

For this Terms Project, I have to create 2 Movies. First being a Profile walk, Exploring how to create a Walk Cycle, exploring how different people walk. Secondly a Perspective Walk, when the character had to come towards the camera or away to experiment with perspective and to add character to the walk.
Firstly I researched how to start and what was the first steps in creating a Profile Walk. Richard Williams and Preston Blair gave me a great insight in how to create my first walk.  Richard Williams survial guide to animation is the first thing most animators go to for reference, it was a great help to look at the 5 keyframes that make up a walk cycle. From there I was then able to start experimenting. Preston Blair's book offered similar advice. However I liked his style and how he used the changing of weight and stretching limbs to ad character to the walk.
Below is my first Walk cycle test, For this test I was looking at Spacing and Timing:

After looking at this i wanted to give the walk more character, maybe try add some shoulder and waist movement:

Well this test went wrong. The walk didn't go to plan, the character looked like he had something wrong with his shoulder. So i went back to testing and trying out how to give that movement in the chest and shoulders.

This test I was please with. I tried giving more character to the walk. Also feet never land straight, they naturally go at an angle when you walk. Finally i tried to exaggerate the arms and swing the chest and shoulders to give a more powerful cycle. Even Broke some joints to try to see how it looked.